FAR for the Visually Impaired

Learn about FAR Accessibility and FAR personal beacons and download the FAR mobile app to gain greater independence at FAR Accessible locations.

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FAR Visual Accessibility

FAR Accessible businesses enable greater independence for the blind and visually impaired. The beacon system applied in FAR Accessible businesses works with the FAR Vision smartphone application to assist users in navigating to and interacting with a business or point of interest.

Key Features of the FAR Vision app include:

  • NEARBY - Tells the user what businesses near them are FAR Accessible
  • NAVIGATE - Allow users to navigate to a selected FAR Accessible location
  • LOCATE - Provide distance and directional information to assist users in finding a specific targeted location with much greater precision that would be possible with GPS
  • SCAN - Identifies FAR Accessible businesses and points of interest within a certain proximity to the user (ex. as a user is walking past a row of stores)
  • CHECK-IN - Enable the user to interact with the business by receiving audio descriptions of products, services, and other relevant information (ex. a restaurants full menu, descriptions of art, a schedule of events, etc.)
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FAR Personal Beacon

Take FAR on the go!

FAR Personal beacons are intended for the visually impaired and blind. They are designed to work with the FAR Vision app just as the FAR Business beacons do, but the FAR Personal beacon can be carried with an individual when they go places.

FAR Personal beacons can be placed in locations an individual may need help locating such as hotel room doors, something in their house, or even in a window of their house so they easily know they have arrived at their desired location.

When a user is running the FAR Vision app and comes into range of their FAR Personal beacon, the app will notify them that the beacon is nearby. The user can then use the locate mode to get an approximate distance to their FAR Personal beacon. This distance will count down as the user approaches the beacon guiding them close to their destination.

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FAR Vision Mobile App

Get the FAR Vision mobile app on your Android or iPhone. FAR Vision helps bring greater independence to the visually impaired and blind by providing easy access to FAR Accessible locations and FAR Personal beacons.

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